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Take Advantage of What’s Rightfully Yours

How much is your time worth?

Trying to deal with property management on your own can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating - especially when living in another country and not an expert in Greek the Greek real estate market. Let FOS GROUP do the heavy lifting.

FOS GROUP's team of experts to assist you in taking ownership of property and to guide you through all the available options. 

FOS GROUP is here to help you take ownership and explore your options whether you want to remodel, build, sell, or a combination of such.

Whether you want to remodel, build, sell, or get creative, the team at FOS GROUP is prepared to guide you, assist you, and handle all the perplexing details on every front. 

Get real-time advising from Greek-American advisors through our offices in the U.S. and Greece. 

Schedule your free consultation today.

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 NOTE: Greece is now annually taxing inherited properties.

Until recently, inheritors of property in Greece had zero financial obligation if the property was paid off.

Because the system in Greece is so confusing, the easiest thing was for Greek-Americans to simply do nothing.

Now that has changed. Greece has introduced new real estate tax laws, which means if you have any inherited property in the country, it is incurring tax fees.

FOS GROUP will help you learn the current status of your inherited property and provide you with creative solutions on how to take advantage of what’s rightfully yours. Even if the potential is small, it’s better than just letting your property sit there.

Once you settle on your desired option, it’s our responsibility to make it happen.

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